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Logos for the ADF Awards Programs

ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Awards Logo
ADF Future Innovators Award Logo

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Terms of usage of the logos
By downloading the logo(s) above, you agree that:
  • Logos may be used only for the purposes of:
    • administering or publicising the awards program within your school, including newsletters and website
    • administering or publicising the awards presentation within your school, including newsletters and website
    • preparing media such as audio visual presentations or handouts/programs for use at your awards presentation
  • The logos may be resized to suit your particular usage but must not be altered in any other way.  If resizing the logo, the image proportions should be maintained.
  • Logos must not be used for the purposes of providing an alternative awards certificate, or extra certificates for other students.  Students must only be presented with the official certificate that is sent out with your awards in either September or November.
Please contact the YLT or FI Awards team if you did not receive your certificates, if any details need to be changed, or if your certificates won't arrive in time for your presentation.  They'll make arrangements to email you a PDF version that you can print out.  New copies of the hardcopy certificates will also be sent by post in early November.